Source code for lasio

import os

from .las import LASFile, JSONEncoder
from .las_items import CurveItem, HeaderItem, SectionItems
from .reader import open_file

    import openpyxl
except ImportError:
    from .excel import ExcelConverter

__version__ = '0.25.0'

[docs]def read(file_ref, **kwargs): '''Read a LAS file. Note that only versions 1.2 and 2.0 of the LAS file specification are currently supported. Arguments: file_ref (file-like object, str): either a filename, an open file object, or a string containing the contents of a file. Returns: A LASFile object representing the file -- see above There are a number of optional keyword arguments that can be passed to this function that control how the LAS file is opened and parsed. Any of the keyword arguments from the below functions can be used here: * :func:`lasio.reader.open_with_codecs` - manage issues relate to character encodings * :meth:`` - control how NULL values and errors are handled during parsing ''' return LASFile(file_ref, **kwargs)